Amerigo Vespucci Patent Double Bridle

 Amerigo Vespucci Patent Double Bridle





Amerigo Vespucci Patent Double Bridle with Reins


The Vespucci range of Amerigo bridles have a unique headpiece that integrates all bridle parts, which usually go directly over the poll, into one softly padded headpiece. This protects the nerves, over the poll and around the ears, that are easily affected by excess pressure. This stunning bridle, with elegant Patent leather Noseband & Browband, will certainly catch the judges eye and at the same time you have the confidence knowing that your horse is comfortable in his work.This bridle comes with fine leather reins, one pair with rubber backing and one pair plain, stainless steel buckles & billets.

The Vespucci Patent bridles are used by Professional Dressage Rider & Trainer ~ Carl Hester ~

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